High Wall

Due to being so versatile for installing, this is our most popular heat pump. They range from 2.8 kw to 9kw, and can be used for small bedroom/offices to large living areas/commercial spaces. The indoor unit sits high on the wall driving the air down.

Floor Mount

This is a fantastic system. The indoor unit sits low, close to the floor which makes it more efficient as hot air rises naturally. You can also have the unit recessed into the wall, giving them a slim line effect. Only 75mm of the unit will protrude from your wall making them almost blend into the wall.


This option is becoming increasingly popular. They are large systems designed to heat/cool every room in your home. The units can be installed in your ceiling or under your floor. We highly recommend installing under floor as hot air rises making the air flow more effective.

The ducts run through the cavity linking every room in your home. The air passes through the grill that sits in your ceiling/underfloor, giving you complete home comfort all year round.


Under Ceiling

These heat pumps are mainly installed in commercial premises. They only come with high KW capacity designed to cover large areas. They hang high from the ceiling or wall, and with their wide vanes can spread the air flow very well.


This option has certainly taken off in the last 5 years. Particularly with the sheer volume of houses currently being built. The pipes and cables are installed into the house walls while it’s being built. This means that there are no external capping running down the outside of your new house like a retro fit so you won’t see them. The pipes and cables are directed outside the house and are closed off/finished with a small piece of piping. No external capping required. This process includes 2 stages; Pre-pipe and Fit off.


Future Proofing your home

This system offers every developer, home builder or renovator all the advantages of future proofing your house for heating and cooling without incurring the high cost of installing all those heat pump units. Instantly add huge value to your property at a low cost by simply installing all the necessary pipework as your house is being built. This means your house will be heat pump READY!